7 Social Media & Health/Wellness Resolutions for 2017

7 Social Media & Health/Wellness Resolutions for 2017

With 2017 underway, It’s time to get those new year’s resolutions in order. Here are 7 ways you can become a social media rockstar AND take care of your well-being in 2017:

1. Tweet 1 relevant article everyday

You don’t have to come up with witty tweets to position yourself as a Twitter guru. Many industry professionals showcase their thought leadership through curating articles from other sources and people. This year, we challenge you to tweet 1 current news article everyday that interests you, or is relevant to your industry.

2. Turn off social media at 9 pm every night

Social media keeps many of us up at night, taking away from valuable sleep. As tempting as it is look at dozens of photos of your friend’s new baby, or see what your old high school colleagues are now up to, giving yourself enough time to rest and recharge at night time is more important. This year, we challenge you to turn off your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. at least 1 hour before you go to bed.

3. Check the sources of the articles you share

Fake news gets spread through social media more and more often these days. (Anyone remember when Mark Zuckerberg died after the US Presidential election results came in?) Before sharing an article online, do your own due diligence and check that it is from a trustworthy source.

4. Utilize 1 app to support your health & wellness

It is fantastic to see technology being used to support our wellbeing. There are a plethora of apps aimed at improving our mental health, fitness levels, nutrition habits and more. This year, we challenge you to download and use one such app. (A few of our faves are Calm, PumpUp and HealthyOut)

5. Publish 1 article on LinkedIn

We all see the notification when someone in our network publishes on LinkedIn. It takes bravery and confidence to share your own writing with your boss, old classmates, people you can’t quite remember meeting and anyone else who currently holds ‘friend’ status on your LinkedIn account. This year, we challenge you to show your network that you too know a thing or two about your field and publish your own article on LinkedIn.

6. Get rid of inactive accounts

You know that musical.ly account your 9 year-old niece created for you last Christmas? Or your Twitter account that you’ve had for more years than there are tweets in your feed? In the same way that you cull your closet every few years, If you have social media account(s) that you aren’t using, get rid of them! To be an effective presence on any social media account, you need to grow that garden on a regular basis. Put the time and energy that you have for social media into the accounts that are most relevant to your life and your industry and scrap the rest.  

7. Identify your TOP media

Look at your top posts from 2017 and post more like them! There are so many apps to help you identify your top performing posts on each platform. Take advantage of these tools and look at the patterns that make your likes and shares soar.  You may not realize that your friends love your cooking more than your dog.

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