Pinch Social talks Snapchat with 24 Hour Toronto

Pinch Social talks Snapchat with 24 Hour Toronto

Pinch Social’s Founder and Lead Strategist Michelle Pinchev recently shared some insights with 24 Hour Toronto’s Sean Fitzgerald about Snapchat in this fun article particularly tailored to the over 30/professional crowd.


With reportedly over 150 million daily users and more joining by the day, Snapchat is well-established as a social channel of choice for millennials and generation Z – but for many professionals (and really, anyone over 30) Snapchat can be a bit of a mystery. It breaks all of the rules we have come to understand around how social works, from its interface and functionality to its fleeting nature. Still, Snapchat is too important for businesses to ignore as demonstrated by the increasing number of publications and organizations leveraging the platform and piggybacking on its success.

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