6 Questions with SMWi Toronto Board Member, ​Amanda (Ama) Scriver

6 Questions with SMWi Toronto Board Member, ​Amanda (Ama) Scriver

Amanda (Ama) Scriver is a passionate community builder and body image activist based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She was the co-founder of the blog, Fat Girl Food Squad and profiled for her activism work by Mashable, Bustle, CBC Metro Morning, Now Magazine and The Toronto Star. She has written throughout her career for Paste Magazine, Sprudge, Hello Giggles, The Gloss and Foodism on a variety of topics. In her spare time, she enjoys a good cup of coffee, trashy reality television shows and partaking in a good chip buffet. Amanda is also fluent in GIF. Amanda joins us this year at #SMWiTO on a panel discussion about body positivity and “Self-esteem in The Age of Selfies”. 

We sat down with Ama and asked her #6Questions to find out more about her. She has some great answers, and some great resources to share with us!

Q: What is your favourite social media platform and why?

A: The platform I love the most is Instagram. I love being able to share moments from my everyday life with all my followers. I also love getting a glimpse into other people’s daily lives and adventures.

Q: What do you think might be the next big trend in social media?

A: The biggest trend that is happening right now (and I think will continue to grow) is SnapChat. I’m still trying to figure it out and I feel so old in the process. I just figured out how to add SnapChat filters to everything. I need a master class on it.

Q: What brands or campaigns do you think are excelling in social right now?

A: I really loved the Always’ tampons #LikeAGirl campaigns. The video that really hit home for me was the Girls Emoji video because it showcased the ways women are so often misrepresented in mainstream media and technology and girls are still fighting for gender equality. Did it sell me tampons, no ­ but I loved the message.

Q: Who is your favourite Toronto blogger/influencer on social and why (and which platform)?

A: I love following Sidewalk Hustle, Amanda Monty of Latest WrinkleGracie CarrollGUTS Canadian Feminist Magazine and Abbey Sharpe of Abbey’s Kitchen.

Each have very different voices, aesthetics and brands but I love that each are passionate, committed to their work and produce great content across all platforms.

Q: Other than SMWi, what is your favourite annual event in the city? How does Social Media enhance your experience with that event?

A: One of my favourite events each year is the Stop’s annual Night Market. It’s a great night where chefs and food lovers come together to eat great food and raise funds for the Stop Community Food Centre. If you’re not Instagramming your food, it doesn’t exist, so lots of food porn shots going on. But also it’s great to connect with other food bloggers and food enthusiasts across Twitter when #TheStopNM trends.

Q: What is your favourite place or thing in the city to photograph and post on social, and why? 

A: There is not one specific place in the city that I love posting from, I love being able to eat and share everything with my reads. But if I had to choose one place, Kensington Market wins above everything else. The culture and scenery there is so vibrant. Plus lots of good eats.