6 Questions with SMWi Toronto Board Member, Steven Branco

6 Questions with SMWi Toronto Board Member, Steven Branco

Steven Branco is currently the Director of Communications & Digital Innovation at Buzz PR. He provides digital expertise to our advisory board, and we’re thankful for his contributions to SMWi Toronto. 

We sat down for #6Questions with Steven as we continue to get to know our advisory board members. Read on to find out more about Steven’s experiences with social media in our great city!

Q: What is your favourite social media platform and why?

A: Although each platform has a place in my heart — and strategy — most definitely and undeniably, Twitter. I love the real time aspect of it and it’s ability to easily follow trending conversations from a local to even a global capacity. Also, let’s not forget its ability to connect with anyone from around the world from just your average user, to journalists, industry experts, and even the top A list celebrities. Lastly, the 140 character max allows you to be creative and think outside the box in order to deliver a voice in a concise and effective way.

Q: What do you think might be the next big trend in social media?

A: A combination of chat messengers and video platforms. There are a number of platforms like these such as periscope, Facebook live feed, and Snapchat that are already adapted by many individuals and organizations in how they communicate and connect with others. No doubt that platforms and brands that are investing their efforts in the evolution of live video chatting will definitely be leading the pack! I’m confident we will begin to see these platforms not only change how brands engage with their audiences (both for Customer Service/Support and Brand Marketing) but how the media will continue to evolve to meet the millennial demand.

Q: What brands or campaigns do you think are excelling in social right now?

A: I can definitely name a few, but I don’t like to toot-my-own-horn with my bias for brands that I’ve worked with. 🙂

Q: Who is your favourite Toronto blogger/influencer on social and why (and which platform)?

A: I don’t really have a favourite Toronto influencer per-se — because there are too many that equally take up my attention — but I must say that Jose Bautista (@JoeyBats19) and PK Subban (@PKSubban1/@Subbanator) have recently made the top of the list! Their transparency and open discussion, community outreach and engagement, and hilarious public conversation between each other has captivated not only the twitter sphere and Instagram, but the media alike. Their energy, tone, and VIP perspective keeps me interested and I think I speak for much of Toronto with their energy and motivation.

Q: Other than SMWi, what is your favourite annual event in the city? How does Social Media enhance your experience with that event?

A: Being the foodie that I am, and passionate for photography, one of my favourite annual events would definitely be Summerlicious! And without Social Media, it just wouldn’t be the same! How am I supposed to  share my mouth watering photos of all the delicious meals that I get to experience without it?  From Instagram to Snapchat, Facebook, and even Twitter, I can share my Summerlicious experience! Using the event hashtag and location tagging I can share my meal shots with everyone on Instagram and Facebook, speak to the experience and food shots on Snapchat, and  vocalize my customer service experience using Twitter. Moreover, using various hashtags can give the posts exposure, likes, and potentially…trending!

Q: What is your favourite place or thing in the city to photograph and post on social, and why? 

A: This is a challenging one… I would be torn among the picturesque views of the Toronto skyline from Polson Pier at night, my favourite angle of the Flatiron building, and to CN Tower nearby St. Lawrence Market. No matter how many I take, each one always has it’s special touch — you can’t take just one!


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