Welcome to Pinch Social

Welcome to Pinch Social


According to internetlivestats.com there are something like 963,325,000 and counting websites live on the internet – so the fact that you’ve found us and decided to pay a visit to our site is quite an honour, if not a little miracle.

I recently read that Google processes 20 petabytes of information per day (a petabyte, by the way, is a lot). The amount of content created and shared in social media every day is staggering, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The web is full of noise. 

It’s easy to see how, to marketers, all of this activity amounts to nothing more than “noise,” a cacophony of information, misinformation and in some cases outright nonsense through which today’s small and medium sized businesses struggle to find a perceptible voice for their brands.

Likewise, for the consumer or the information-seeker, there are more platforms than ever competing for our attention, and as the lines between advertising and content blur, it’s hard to know what sources to trust.

Many find the current social media and online content landscape overwhelming. But to us at Pinch Social, the internet doesn’t seem so large and vast, and the “problem” of noise isn’t a problem at all, but rather a gift. We love content – we live and breathe it every day.

We launched Pinch Social in 2015 to help Toronto startups, SMEs and growing organizations cut through the noise and truly reach people. And we believe that in today’s environment, an active and engaging social media presence is the one of the most cost-effective and important strategies businesses can employ to achieve that goal.

Even agencies are winging it.

The reality is though, most SMEs don’t have a social media or content strategy. Then there are those which do have a strategy but are struggling with execution, or simply not getting the results they expected.

Many companies are turning to traditional advertising and PR agencies for help only to eventually realize that even larger reputable agencies and so-called “experts” are struggling to make sense of social in a way that’s meaningful and tangible to brands.

It’s no surprise. Social media, online content and digital marketing are all relatively uncharted territory (in the grand scheme of things); territory that is, to add insult to injury, constantly changing. So, just when you think you’ve figured it out, the rules of the game change.

At Pinch Social, we’re a social media and content agency first. Social isn’t something we also do – social media is what we do. Sure, we can help clients with a range of marketing and communications services including PR, online advertising, SEO, email marketing and digital marketing project management. But social is at the centre of everything we do and frankly, we do it really well.

No tricks, no shortcuts.

We understand the issues and concerns when it comes to social media and content – the problem of how to reach people, how to cut through the noise and establish trust. The truth is, there are no easy answers, and a lot of social media is trial and error. But at Pinch Social, we’ve discovered more than a few tried, tested and true strategies that work every time without fail. We know what it means to be social (and not just “do” social). We forgo tricks and shortcuts in favour of authentic interactions and proactive engagement executed by real people. We understand that social media is a daily hustle – quality, consistent, social activity.

Think of social media as a networking event, a conference or an industry holiday party. Now think of us as the best team of networkers you have ever known: We work the party for you – all day, every day.

Welcome to Pinch Social!

For some reason, you heard of us, you found us and you read this article all the way through to the end. We’re humbled that we were able to reach you. Now, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to continue this conversation over coffee.